Where to search ?

Liege is a mid-size city, and moving around by bus is fairly easy. Still, if you want to make your daily life easier, chosing a good location for your kot is important. What makes a housing conveniently located depends on your priorities and where your classes are. Typically, erasmus students prefer to live in the center, next to the student life hangouts. Regular (non-erasmus) international students might give the priority to living closer to their school. Here is an overview of the most popular areas for student housing :

Option 1 : City Center

The area in purple is the student nightlife district. For most Erasmus students, this is where it's happening !

If you plan to go out late and often, you will also need to walk back home - buses don't run during the night. For you, the area in blue is the most convenient area to live in. At the border of this area, you are roughly 1 km away from the student district. That means 10-15 min walk, depending on your walking speed. The top of the map goes uphill, which is why it doesn't extend as much. The rest is flat.

Globally, this is a popular area to live in for all students because it's at walking distance from all the shopping, fast food and restaurants of the city center.

The neighborhoods in this area are : Avroy, Botanique, Jonfosse, Cathédrale, Féronstrée and Outremeuse.

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Option 2 : In the City, outside of the center

Sometimes, moving away from the center, you can find places a little cheaper, a little bigger, or with a garden.

On the other hand, it might mean you'll have to account for a little more travel time for commuting to school every day. Of course, if the housing is close to a convenient bus route, it might not be an issue.

Neighborhoods to consider : Laveu, Cointe, Longdoz, Vennes, Amercoeur, Saint-Léonard, Saint-Laurent.

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Option 3 : In the City, Close to your School

ULiège XX août

This is only one of the campuses of ULiège. Mainly for the Department of Philosophy and Languages, and students in language exchanges.

Neighborhoods nearby : Avroy, Botanique, Jonfosse, Cathédrale, Outremeuse, Féronstrée.

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HEC Liège

This area is a vibrant student hub, packed with student housing.

To the East and North of the HEC Liege building, you are very close to the center, student hangouts and nightlife. You are also close to the ULiege XX Aout building, the ULiege Campus Opera, and the 48 bus to Sart-Tilman.

To the West and South, there are also many kots. The atmosphere becomes gradually quieter as you reach into Laveu.

Neighborhoods nearby : Avroy, Botanique, Jonfosse, Cathédrale, Laveu.

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Saint-Luc, HEPL André Vésale (Barbou), HELMO CFEL

Outremeuse, Féronstrée and Saint-Leonard are great choices for student housing, especially if your school is in this area. Prices are reasonnable, location is good (except to reach Sart-Tilman), and there is a multi-cultural, relaxed atmosphere.

Neighborhoods nearby : Outremeuse, Féronstrée, Saint-Léonard, Bressoux, Longdoz.

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HELMO Saint-Martin

Neighborhoods nearby : Saint-Laurent, Sainte-Marguerite, Féronstrée, Botanique, Cathédrale.

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HELMO Campus Guillemins (Sainte Marie, Informatique)

Neighborhoods nearby : Guillemins, Fragnée, Vennes.

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HELMO Saint Laurent, HELMO Gramme

Neighborhoods nearby : Fragnée, Vennes, Angleur.

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Option 4 : Close to Campus ULiège of Sart-Tilman

If you are looking for easy access to the Sart-Tilman Campus, the most obvious choices are Angleur (more urban, 5-10 minute bus ride to Sart-Tilman) or in Sart-Tilman itself (more green).

Next to Sart-Tilman, Tilff and Sur-Le-Mont are popular places for the veterinary students.

In Sart-Tilman, there is also the ULiege Residence.

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Option 5 : On the way to Sart-Tilman

The 48 bus links the center to Sart-Tilman in 30 minutes. Buses run roughly every 10 to 15 minutes.

This of course means you can live in the center and be a 20-30 minute bus ride away from Sart-Tilman. Or look for housing anywhere along the way.

The neighborhoods along the 48 bus trip are : Cathédrale, Botanique, Avroy, Guillemins, Fragnée, Vennes, Angleur et Sart-Tilman.

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Option 6 : You have a car !

Not many international students have this chance. But watch out ! You are better off avoiding the center, which can be a nightmare for parking. Away from the center, you will avoid parking hell and find cheaper and more comfortable places.

Neighborhoods to avoid with a car : Avroy, Botanique, Jonfosse, Cathédrale, Guillemins, Fragnée, Féronstrée.

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