We’ve selected these links as useful for students in Liege, however not all of these websites are available in English.

Youth Services

Centre J: A service of the City of Liège, offering various resources for young people.

ASBL Droit des Jeunes: Legal and social assistance for under 18s.

Youth Hostel

Auberge Simenon: A youth hostel, in Outremeuse.

Academic Institutions

Université de Liège: University of Liège, The HEC Liège Management School and Lambert Lombard

ESA Saint-Luc: The Saint-Luc college of Arts

Saint-Luc Archi: The Saint-Luc institute of Architecture

HELMo: HELMo, the Haute Ecole Libre Mosane, is formed of the institutes Gramme, St-Laurent, Ste-Marie, Ste-Julienne, l'ESAS, Education Physique, St-Martin, Ste-Croix, CFELL and ISELL Mode

Hautes Écoles (higher education colleges) in the Province of Liège: Léon Eli-Troclet, Rennequin Sualem (ISIL), André Vésale (Barbou)

HE Charlemagne: Rivageois, Sart Tilman Technique, Sart Tilman Paramédical

Student Life

RCAE: The sports service of the University of Liège

Tennis Club Université: The University of Liège tennis club


Liege.be: Official website of the City of Liège