Student room 12 m²

KL 2092
KL 2092 student room

Family atmosphere (our children were in the house recently), all comfort: only 5 kots in the house with fully equipped common kitchen (dishwasher, microwave, fridge, freezer).
Small fridge and microwave on each floor for 2 kots
2 modern bathrooms and 2 toilets. The charges include the TV connection in addition to the heating / water / electricity (+ 25eur for unlimited internet).
Sink with hot and cold water in each room.
Shutters in front against the noise, the heat, the cold / roof super isolated: calm, freshness in summer and good insulation in winter assured!
The house respects the electrical / gas standards. Fire safety has been approved by firefighters (fire doors, smoke outlet, emergency lighting, fire walls etc.). The rental permit is in order (and this is not the case of all kots in the Liège with risk of eviction in this case!)
Close to shops (Médiacité and others), bus stop for Univerity and Hautes écoles Liège (Gramme, Isil, Saint Laurent ...).
Reserved only for quiet and studious students. No internet gambling players please
Information by email or phone - visit on request.

This listing is currently not available.

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